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Schedule for Centers and Institutes

The semester indicates when the review is initiated

SemesterCenter/Institute NameColleges/Units
Spring 2023Energy Resources CenterEngineering
Spring 2023Center for Urban Economic DevelopmentUrban Planning and Public Affairs
Spring 2024Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development Business Administration
Spring 2024Center for Literacy Education
Spring 2024Center for Urban Education LeadershipEducation
Spring 2024Institute for Health Research and PolicyPublic Health
Spring 2025Center for Cardiovascular Research Medicine
Spring 2025Center for Craniofacial AnomaliesMedicine
Spring 2025Center for Lung and Vascular BiologyMedicine
Spring 2025Center for Magnetic Resonance ResearchMedicine
Spring 2025Center for Population Health, Health Equity, Outcomes and Informatics Research (Peoria)Medicine
Spring 2025Center for Research on Women and GenderMedicine
Spring 2025Institute for Juvenile ResearchMedicine
Spring 2025National Center for Rural Health Professions (Rockford)Medicine
Spring 2025Sickle Cell CenterMedicine
Spring 2025Cancer CenterVC Health Affairs
Spring 2025Institute for Healthcare Delivery DesignVC Health Affairs
Fall 2025Center for Economic EducationLiberal Arts and Sciences
Fall 2025Institute for the HumanitiesLiberal Arts and Sciences
Fall 2025Center for Structural BiologyVC Research
Fall 2025Institute of Environmental Science and PolicyVC Research
Fall 2025National Center for Data MiningVC Research
Fall 2025Software Technologies Research Center VC Research
Spring 2026Center for Public Safety and JusticeUrban Planning and Public Affairs
Spring 2026Great Cities Institute (interdisciplinary)Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Spring 2026Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy (interdisciplinary)Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Spring 2026Nathalie P. Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement Urban Planning and Public Affairs
Spring 2026Urban Transportation CenterUrban Planning and Public Affairs
Fall 2026Learning Science Research Institute Liberal Arts and Sciences
Spring 2028Child and Family Development CenterApplied Health Sciences
Spring 2028Institute on Disability and Human DevelopmentApplied Health Sciences
Spring 2028Center for Molecular Biology of Oral DiseasesDentistry
Spring 2029Center for Biomolecular Sciences (formerly, Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)Pharmacy
Spring 2029Center for Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomic Research (formerly, Center for Pharmacoeconomic Research)Pharmacy
Spring 2029Institute for Tuberculosis ResearchPharmacy
Spring 2029Pharmacognosy InstitutePharmacy
Fall 2029Center for Research in Law and JusticeLiberal Arts and Sciences
Spring 2030Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and ResearchJane Addams College of Social Work